Thursday, December 23, 2010

hi.. wow.. its been a while..

ive lost my password..

i was singing this happy song while brushing my teeth this morning n there!! i heard myself saying lalalalaaalla ********* .. fuck dats my password.

p/s : im so impressed of how i was good at changing font colors. i dont know how to do that anymore.

anyway. hi!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I have crooked teeth..
When i was in form three I told Mak that I wanted to put on "gigi o' besi" (braces) like Khadijah my class monitor did..but Mak said to put on "gigi O'besi" cost twice Mak's two months salary..So I shut my mouth up and soon I learned to shut my mouth up when talking to people..

When I got my first salary I went to the dentist and they put on the "gigi o' besi" for me ..I was extremely thrilled especially for the installment plan they had offered me..but i wasn't sooo happy when my colleagues started calling me names.....

It wasn't that i couldnt take jokes..i'm an easy going person (woo..)
But u see..when that bunch of old-grumpy-women-at-work were teasing u like that (like for everyday).. I wish u could see..What the hell????? ughh...

Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm the eldest in my family. i have four little brothers and sisters who're still going to school..My second sister studies Engineering in Perak. They call me Kaklong at home..

We live in a very small house in..i grew up in that same house..When i was a kid, the house looked bigger but not until i got another four i don't even have a bedroom for myself bcause our second room is now a house store where my little brothers and sisters play "nyorok-nyorok" (hide-n-seek)..

I have now secured a job in government i'm able to save up some money and buy a bigger house for us after my house-loan has approved.. (I still hate our government!)..

i'm going to make it a suprise n Mak will surely be sooo happy!!
"Mak..i love u.."



Grumpy-old-woman-at-work sed if u got a deep belly button u will soon marry a man from outside the countrylike perhaps American man or Arabian (I dont wana say Bangladeshi or Indon)...otherwise you're going to marry local man.. doesnt it make any sense to u??



I chose to believe it bcause i got a deeeeep one besides i'm not so sure about marrying Burhan at least not so soon..

p/s : I told grumpy-old-woman-at-work i got a normal belly button bcause the idea of telling people that u have a deep one could be quite shameful..hehe... so what's yours???



Burhan sed he is impotent..i said yes..
Burhan sed.. "so do u still love me?" and i sed "of course i do"...
Burhan sed.. "Oh Thank God! i've been keeping tis for too long..if i knew u were fine with this i wouldn't have to hurt myself for all these years..i love u.."

and i sed.."yes, okay..i love u too.."
n i silent my fon n dozed off... was only until the next day that i've found the meaning of impotent..(i was too tired to look up in the dictionary last nite)

...............................n i screamed....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And these are the answers to the existence of this blog..and for some other reasons :

  • ~ My English is bad.. i dont know many of vocabularies.. (i'm struggling)
  • ~ I hate Grammar.. they are like methamatics
  • ~ People blog..
  • ~ ........


Since i'm not good at writing, i took another alternative to speak thru art forms.. DRAWING.. that is the only thing i'm good at.. (to be honest i'm not that good at that also.. ) but at least I don't need to open up my grammar book (which i still keep since high school) everytime i was to string a sentence..
{Preston Books Are Good}

OH MY GOD MY BOYFRIEND IS IMPOTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!